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Survivors of the Healthy Hearts

There are those among us who have seen things – things we wish we had not seen – and we will never be the same.
We walk around like everyone else. We go to work, buy our groceries, and wash our cars. But there is a pain that would glare as brightly as a neon sign in Vegas if we ever dared to let it out. 
We have seen our children hurt – by substances, by circumstances, even by their own hand – and we have wondered how we could help, but we have tried everything and read everything, yet the answers still elude us.
Our children struggle with unseen demons that leave them lonely, confused, and afraid. Some turn to a dealer or a diet or some other form of self-destruction. They may be angry and not know why. They may be sad and not know why. They may feel unloved and not know why – no one knows why – because God only knows we have loved them from their first breath and will until our last.
Their struggles are unseen, but they are real. 
You better believe they are real.
And we did not cause the…

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