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If you have ever . . .

If you have ever carried her life within yours and picked out her name and wondered what color of eyes she would have and what kind of a difference she would make in the world,

you are a hero.

If you have ever watched your waistline expand or developed stretch marks on your hips and dark circles under your eyes and found a few more gray hairs than anyone your age deserves,

you are a hero.

If you have ever cleaned up her vomit in the middle of the night, or listened to her tears when her best friend moved away, or took her for ice cream after her first day of school, or cheered her on when she tried her best but they still said it wasn't good enough,

you are a hero.

If you have ever worked two jobs or gone to night school or stood firm by your decision to stay home or otherwise gone without while you stayed up at night to pray for a miracle as you poured over your budget, but she never knew because you sacrificed and bargain shopped and cooked from scratch or otherwise struggled t…

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